Problem Solving Leader

Coaching Leaders for Solutions

Did you know that 75% of employees don’t feel that their senior management is fully prepared to make important decisions?*

What if I can show you a simple and seamless process that train your managers on how to make better decisions, efficiently and in a way that increases productivity and engagement?

Executive Coaching is critical particularly in challenging times, Positive impact includes helping leaders to assess their strenghts and areas to improve on, achieve their goals that drive business results, practice new behaviors toward change, and find support when necessary**

For the past three decades I’ve been helping to create more fearless decision makers by training and coaching managers to develop skillsets, overcome personal limitations, and set up systems that allow companies to thrive under their new decisive leadership.


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One to One Coaching

If your Fearless Decision Making incident is isolated to a single person and you need short term relief, I offer customized one on one coaching solutions. I specialize in coaching emerging leaders to set them up for success and develop their competencies.


When you have internal resources but need an external how-to around the problem of Fearless Decision Making. I have a proven and tried process to overcome reluctance and a simple conversational structure that can be implemented by internal coaches or trainers.


When there is a large number of leaders who need to improve their Fearless Decision Making, I offer customized training management groups which involves process training as well as structured learning experiences to practice mastering the Fearless Decision Making.

Do you have leadership aspiration or challenges that you want to work on?
* source: PWC Global Data& Analytics Survey 2014
** source:White Paper. Keil, Andre.Coaching for Leaders: Why Executives Need Support, Especially in Times of Disruption. Center for Creative Leadership.